Largest Selection of Watches. Including Talking Watches, Low Vision Watches, Braille Watches and Vibrating Watches. Talking Watches give users peace of mind knowing they can hear the time announced with the press of a button. Low Vision Watches have big faces and bold numbers for easy viewing. Braille watches for the blind come in a variety of styles, including men’s braille watches, ladies braille watches and unisex braille watches in gold or chrome with leather or expansion bands. Vibrating Watches can wake you up and alert you up to 12 times daily (depending on the model) with reliable vibration alarms you can feel. We have something for everyone. Shop everything from Timex Indiglo watches to Tel-Time talking watches.

Our very large assortment of watches offer many features to assist you with low vision. We provide you with choices in sound and touch watches, large face watches, alarm vibrating reminder watches, dual-voice synchronizing talking watches, mini vibrating watches, alarm watches and Braille watches. Look through our large selection of watches to find one or two that suit your needs. Our watches make great gifts as well!