VibraLITE Mini Vibration Watch-Purple Flower Buckle Band

Manufacturer: VibraLITE

Sleek, Stylish Design is Perfect for Small Wrists
  • Trim 1.20” x 1.51” case suits smaller wrists
  • Large, easy-to-read digits plus backlight button
  • Vibration alarm, sound alarm or both
  • 12 daily alarms (for variable reminders)
  • One countdown timer with repeat option for interval reminders

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The VibraLITE Mini Vibration Watch-Purple Flower Buckle Band will alert you with important alarm reminders (medicine doses, important meetings, etc.) throughout your busy day. Now you can have a alarm watch, without all the extra bulkiness. This slender talking alarm watch is available in models you've seen are just too big for your smaller size wrist. Finally, there's a sleek and stylish watch that will meet all of your needs.

The VibraLITE Mini offers great features including easy-to-read digits with a trim 1.20 inch x 1.51 inch case, up to 12 daily alarms (for variable reminders), a countdown timer with Repeat (REP) option for interval reminders (up to 23 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds)- automatically repeats each time countdown reaches zero when set for repeat, and a handy backlight for use at night and in dimly lit areas. All of that in a watch specifically designed to fit small wrists and a style that will appeal to all ages.

VibraLITE Mini can be locked after programming in order to avoid accidental setting changes. This feature can also be used to prevent children from tampering with programmed settings.

Note: This talking watch is water resistant ONLY. It is NOT waterproof. While it will withstand some exposure to moisture and water, it is NOT intended to be worn for swimming, diving or in the shower. It should never be submerged in water.

VibraLITE Mini Model VM-LPL (buckle style band) Fits Wrist Sizes: 4.72 inch to 7.20 inch

WHAT'S NEW with VibraLITE Mini Vibration Watch-Purple Flower Buckle Band?
- Smaller Case & Watch Band - For Small Wrists of All Ages
- Watch Case Size: 30.5 mm (1.20 inch) X 38.5 mm (1.51 inch), Depth 12.3 mm (0.48 inch)
- Easy to Read Time Digits - Larger than VibraLITE 3
- New Lock-Out Feature: Press the MODE & SET buttons at the same time while in TIME mode to lock/unlock the watch. When locked a small lock icon will appear on the screen. When the watch is locked the buttons used for setting will no longer function so time/countdown timer/alarm settings cannot be changed. The EL (electro-luminescent) light will still function. Also, when the watch is locked all four buttons can still be used to manually stop alerts (to conserve battery) prior to the 20 second duration.
- Water Resistant. NOT Waterproof. Do not use for diving, swimming or in shower.
- Automatic Leap Year Handling

- Vibration, Sound or Both (set easily and securely in option ("OPT") mode).
- 12 Daily Alarms (for variable reminders). Set for specific times to coordinate with your schedule.
- 1 Countdown Timer with Repeat ("REP") option for interval reminders (up to 23 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds)
- Alert Duration is 20 seconds. Can be stopped manually by pushing any button prior to the 20 second duration.
- Text prompts for easy setting.
- The calendar month and day can be displayed (Press "ST./STOP" button while in "TIME" mode).
- Button alerts for easy confirmation of alarm option settings and checking battery strength.
- EL (electro-luminescent) Backlight: Button activated, stays on for 3 seconds. For setting purposes the EL Backlight will stay on for more than 3 seconds when buttons are being pressed continuously.
- 12 Hour Time Format.
- Accuracy per month: 30 seconds (+/-).
- Watch band materials: Nylon and Leather
- Battery: Model CR1632 (3-volt lithium)
- Approvals: CE, RoHS, CPSIA.
- One Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty.

Battery Type: CR1632

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Gender Womens
Type Vibrating

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