Uni-Fit Extender for SuperPole

Manufacturer: HealthCraft

Increases SuperPole Ceiling Range to 100-120 in.
  • Accessory ONLY for SuperPole System
  • Increases floor to ceiling range to 100-120 in.
  • Do not use w/SuperTrapeze, SuperPole Bariatric or Ultra
  • Special order only

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The Uni-Fit Extender for SuperPole is a convenient accessory for your existing HealthCraft SuperPole System. It increases SuperPole floor to ceiling range to 100-120 in. (254-305 cm).

Standard SuperPole Systems from HealthCraft are designed to fit conventional 8-foot ceilings. But what if you are installing it in a room with slightly higher ceilings?

Use this Uni-Fit Extender to increase the floor to ceiling range on the SuperPole. The extension tube installs between the pole and the top plate to increase the height range from 93-99 in. (236-251cm), to 100-120 in. (254-305cm).

NOTE: This is an accessory ONLY. Purchase the HealthCraft's SuperPole System separately.

UNI-FIT EXTENDER INSTALLATION: The Uni-Fit Extender should only be used with HealthCraft's SuperPole System. Do not use with any other floor to ceiling pole. Do not use with the SuperTrapeze, SuperPole Bariatric or Ultra models. Not returnable.

CAUTION: It is your responsibility to see that your SuperPole System and Uni-Fit Extender are properly assembled, installed and cared for. Failure to follow the instructions that come with the unit could result in serious injury.

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