SKU 151140
Manufacturer Carex
Length 12.00 in
Width 12.00 in

Thera-Med Back Pad Reusable Cold Pack

Soothing and Comfortable Maximum Strength Pain Rel

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  • Relieves Back and Neck Pain and Reduces Swelling
  • Comfortable, Convenient, Reusable
  • Unique Two-Sided Design for Maximum Relief
  • Store in Refrigerator or Freezer
A significant improvement over ice bags or gels packs in sleeves, the Thera-Med Back Pad Reusable Cold Pack uses advanced proprietary materials and patented gels to stay flexible even at freezing temperatures. Thera-Med is the only cold pack specially designed with two sides for direct contact with the body (without annoying sleeves or insulators,) to provide you with penetrating maximum strength cold therapy.

Here's how it works: After storing in the freezer, place the Blue Soft Side on the injured area for 5 to 10 minutes. Next, flip the pad over, placing the White Side on the body for 20 minutes for penetrating cold therapy. Repeat every two hours until the pain or swelling is relieved. Dimensions: 12 x 12 with rounded corners. Blue on one side, White on reverse.

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