Talking Microwave Oven- Stainless Steel Trim

Manufacturer: Exclusively by Reizen Inc.

Cook food independently!
  • Ideal for blind and low vision users
  • Embossed keys for easy touch identification
  • High-quality male voice is clear and intelligible
  • Integrated talking cooking timer
  • Simple to operate

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This Talking Microwave Oven is a modified Magic Chef countertop oven, allowing the blind and low vision to independently cook food. Embossed keys help easily locate by touch. 4 cook modes: defrost, low, medium, and high. Users can set cook time or the kitchen timer in minutes or seconds. One button informs the user of current settings and remaining cook time. Includes 8 volume level settings and integrated 12/24 hour talking clock with 30-minute power outage backup. The "Attend to food" feature pauses the microwave automatically, prompting users to stir or reposition food. 1000 Watts of cooking power and 1.1 cubic foot cooking chamber. 13.5 Amp current draw at 120VAC (1620kW).
Includes written instructions and narrated instructions on a CD. Measures 20.0 L x 13.52 W x 12 H in inches. Weights 28 lbs.

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