Talking Microwave Oven- Stainless Steel Trim

Manufacturer: Exclusively by Reizen Inc.

Cook food independently!
  • Ideal for blind and low vision users-Simple to operate
  • Embossed keys for easy touch identification
  • High-quality male voice is clear and intelligible
  • Integrated talking cooking timer
  • Design may vary based on manufacturer

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This Talking Microwave Oven is a modified countertop oven, allowing the blind and low vision to independently cook food. Embossed keys help easily locate by touch. 4 cook modes: defrost, low, medium, and high. Users can set cook time or the kitchen timer in minutes or seconds. One button informs the user of current settings and remaining cook time. Includes 8 volume level settings and integrated 12/24 hour talking clock with 30-minute power outage backup. The "Attend to food" feature pauses the microwave automatically, prompting users to stir or reposition food.
*Energy save feature turns on light ONLY when cooking*
1000 Watts of cooking power and 1.1 cubic foot cooking chamber. 13.5 Amp current draw at 120VAC (1620kW).
Includes written instructions and narrated instructions on a CD. Measures 20.0 L x 13.52 W x 12 H in inches. Weights 28 lbs.

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