SuperEar SE5000 Stereo Personal Sound Amplifier

Manufacturer: Sonic Technology

Hear what you've been missing
  • Ideal solution for the hard of hearing to watch TV without disturbing others
  • Enables crystal-clear hearing for day-to-day conversations
  • Provides amplification up to 50+ dB sound gain
  • CMS, MDS, and ADA Compliant
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty

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The SuperEar Model SE5000 represents the latest in the SuperEar line of sound amplifiers for the hard of hearing. Ideal for watching TV, improved hearing at meetings or worship services or simply for gaining more enjoyment from simple, day-to-day conversations.

The SE5000 features the latest SMT (surface-mount) microelectronics for crystal-clear stereo amplification of ambient sounds 50+ dB. The SuperEar sound amplifier from Sonic Technology Products has been the leading personal sound amplifier on the market for over 30 years and is the industry leader in assisted listening devices. This new model is a re-engineered improvement of the widely popular previous model SE4000 and is also CMS, MDS, and ADA compliant.

The SuperEar Model SE5000 Personal Sound Amplifier is excellent for birdwatchers; nature lovers; senior citizens; sports fans; sleuths; ghost hunters; and paranormal investigators; as well as ideal for courtrooms, theaters, churches, and all places of worship.

This versatile hand-held amplifier is compact enough to fit in the smallest pocket, yet comes with a stainless-steel pocket and belt clip to attach the SuperEar for indoor or outdoor use.

Multi-element, compact, swiveling microphone with premium, stereo headphones, plus comfortable, over-the-ear earbuds to deliver clear, crisp, stereo sound.

Headphones are compatible with SuperEar Sanitary Disposable Earpad Covers for Multiple Patient-Users (available separately) for multiple users in hospitals, doctor's offices, bridge clubs, churches, etc.

SuperEar SE5000 Includes:
1 - SuperEar Sound Amplifier
1 - AAA 1.5v Alkaline Battery
1 - Stereo Headphone set
1 - Stereo Earbud set
1 - Owner's manual
3 Year Limited Warranty

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