Sign With Me - Volume 1- Building Conversations -VHS

Manufacturer: Boys Town Press

A Family Sign Language Curriculum
  • Sign short, simple, and expressive sentences
  • Follow your child's lead in communicating
  • Use facial expressions and body movement to support signed messages
  • Understand a variety of adult and child signers
  • Use positive parenting skills to improve your child's communication development

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This unique instructional video with accompanying workbook will help you open the lines of communication using American Sign Language (ASL). You learn how to sign short, simple and expressive sentences for daily interaction with your Deaf or hard-of-hearing child. You see how animated facial expressions and body movements add richness to your signed messages. The skills demonstrated on the video are reinforced in the workbook's practice lessons. The workbook even includes a wipe-off acetate sheet to mark answers, making it easy for your entire family to participate. Building Conversations is ideal for parents or caregivers of newborns up to 3 years of age. It's the first of a three-volume set, which also includes Building Concepts (Volume II) and Positive Parenting (Volume III). Running Time: 75 minutes VHS

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