Serene Smoke Detector with Wireless Transmitter

Manufacturer: Serene Innovations

  • UL listed First-Alert smoke detector with a 10-year battery
  • Both smoke detector and transmitter are mounted on a common plate for simple installation
  • Wireless operation with supervision
  • 85dbA audio alarm
  • Ideal for the hearing impaired

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This model CA-FA consists of a UL listed First-Alert Smoke Detector and a wireless transmitter mounted on a common mounting plate. Suitable for wall or ceiling mounting. Intended for use with Serene Model CA-360 (item 931001) Wireless Notification System (bedside receiver) for the hearing impaired.

The First-Alert smoke detector uses a photoelectric sensor for fewer nuisance alarms. Its internal battery is designed for 10 years of operation.

The wireless transmitter is a supervised type (Serene Model CA-AX— included) and uses 2 AA alkaline batteries for operation. Typical battery life is 10-24 months.


—Advanced technology: 2.4 GHz Smart-Code
—Operating range: up to 200 feet in open space
—Compatible with Serene Model CA-360 (item 931001), CA-RX (item 931002), CA-PX (item 932107)
—Up to ten Model CA-FA may be paired to a model CA-360 (item 931001) bedside receiver
—Smoke detector emits T3 audio alarm at 86 dbA; complies NFPA 72; Power LED and alarm indicator
—Battery life: 10 years on smoke detector; 10-24 months on transmitter depending on the frequency of activation
—Supervised design with low battery alert
—Operating temperature: 50 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit
—Size: 9 x 5.75 x 1.375 in.
—Weight: 1.1 lbs.

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