SKU 301001
Manufacturer Serene Innovations

Serene Bed Shaker -Accessory to Ringmaster Phone Ringer-Flasher

Don’t Miss Any Important Calls While You Sleep

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  • Alerts you to phone calls when you're sleeping
  • Accessory to Serene Ringmaster (not included)
  • System can be used for regular or cell phones
  • Includes 6-ft. cord with standard 3.5mm plug
  • Plugs into Ringmaster, no separate power needed
Serene Bed Shaker -Accessory to Ringmaster Phone Ringer-Flasher - The Serene Bed Shaker is a great accessory to your Serene Ringmaster Cell/Telephone Ringer and Flasher (sold separately). Simply plug the bed shaker into the Ringmaster and it will vibrate in sync with the ringing of your phone. This bed shaker is ideal for those with hearing loss or who are hard of hearing. With this alerting system, you will never miss any incoming calls while you are asleep.

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