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Manufacturer Reizen

Reizen Glow Green Rigid Cane - 46 inches

The Brightest, Longest Lasting Glowing Cane

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  • Lightweight
  • Solid body rigid cane
  • Amazing glow-in-the-dark material shines up to six hours
  • 46 inches in length
The Reizen Green Glow Rigid Cane is a solid body, 46-inch long, glowing rigid cane with rubber handle. An amazingly bright glow is emitted from the cane, reducing the risk of accidents. The cane automatically charges when it is exposed to sunlight. A fully charged cane will glow for up to six hours. A must for walking during night hours. Like magic, your cane will glow when it's in a dark environment. No need to turn the glow on, just walk in confidence All canes are glow-in-the-dark with a red end. Available in sizes 44 - 58 long.
Type Rigid
Length 46
Category Mobility

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