Reizen Anti-Glare Car Visor for Day and Night Driving with Adj. Slider

Manufacturer: Reizen

Reduces glares and reflections when driving
  • Enhances driving comfort and safety
  • Provides maximum UV protection
  • Fits all cars, vans, pick-ups, RV's, campers, trucks, and boats
  • Adjustable slider makes for easy attachment
  • Anti-glare protection for your eyes

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This anti-glare car visor for day and night driving provides anti-glare protection, haze reduction, and contrast enhancement. It blocks short wave blue light and offers 100 percent UV protection. The visor has an adjustable slider that makes for easy attachment to your vehicle.

It is also recommended for people who:
- Spend a lot of time driving in the sun
- Contact lens wearers
- Developing cataracts
- Have had cataract surgery
- Diabetic retinopathy
- Corneal dystrophy

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