Radius Toothbrush - Right hand adult

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A superior product invented to increase the quality of dental hygiene. All adults and children can benefit from this toothbrush. Its specially designed wide oval shaped head provides the antidote to keeping healthy gums and teeth. Great for plaque removal as well as massaging the gum tissue. The ergonomic design of the handle makes brushing your teeth stress free and comfortable. Brushes are made of very thin soft tynex nylon.
Excellent for Essential Tremor patients, 5/20/2017 11:39 PM
From: Sheryl McCool
I purchased this for my elderly mother, who has essential tremors. This toothbrush allowed her to be able to brush better than with regular toothbrush. It was a lifesaver for her, and me. I am reordering after a couple of years, because they do eventually wear out. We clean them and disinfect them by throwing them in the dishwasher and sometimes soaking with Listerine, but they have held up well. I also bought left handed toothbrush as she sometimes switches hands depending on which one is more still. Thanks Maxi Aids.
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