Prop It Bookrest and Copyholder with 2x Page Magnifier

Manufacturer: SA Richards Inc.

Easy Hands-Free Reading for Those with Low Vision
  • Bookrest/copyholder holds printed material
  • 2x power, 8 x 11 plastic page magnifier
  • Adjustable magnifier arm for optimum focusing
  • Collapses nearly flat for easy storage and transport
  • Great for books, papers and crafts

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The versatile Prop It Bookrest and Copyholder with 2x Page Magnifier makes it easier to read printed material, view maps, examine charts or graphs and even do crafts. It's great for all users, and is especially helpful for those with low vision. Besides the hands-free and magnification benefits, it holds virtually any reading material at the ideal reading angle to help prevent neck, eye and back strain.

- Bookrest is made of lightweight, durable black plastic
- 2x power, 8 x 11 plastic page magnifier
- -Metal magnifier holder can be used to adjust copy to ideal focusing distance
- Holds/displays almost any printed item from books 10 wide and weighing 10 lbs., to open magazines and legal papers.
- Adjustable front panel extensions can be adjusted to double the panel size, holding papers 18 wide x 14 high (the size of open sheet music.)
- Elastic Page Holder keeps bound books open
- Collapses almost flat to a handy 8 x 11 x 1-1/4 for easy transport in a briefcase, computer bag or backpack

To use: Hold approximately 4 inches away from page.

Type Non-Illuminated

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