VoiceBooster 12 Watt Portable Voice Amplifier MR1505

Manufacturer: Voice Booster

Great for vocally disabled and all public speakers

  • Loud (12 watts) portable voice amplifier
  • Sound covers 4500 square feet
  • 2 input ports? one for a microphone and one for an MP3 player
  • Built-in rechargeable batteries? battery charge lasts 10-15 hours of continuous use with life of 2-3 years
  • Great for Teachers, Tour Guides, Preachers, Coaches, Presenters, Performers, Costumes, Crowd Control, Vocal Disabilities, etc.
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The VoiceBooster 12 Watt Voice Amplifier MR1505 is small, portable, and loud (12 watts) with excellent clarity. It can be worn clipped to a belt and hung on a shoulder with the included strap. Can be used with an mp3 speaker and accepts signals from both input ports.

The VoiceBooster is great for those with a Vocal Disability, as well as Teachers, Tour Guides, Preachers, Coaches, Presentations, Performers, etc. It can be worn inside a costume in many different ways. It comes with an adjustable waist or neckband and a removable belt clip. The VoiceBooster can also be used as an mp3 speaker. The amp has a microphone input and an mp3 input. The amp will accept signals from both input ports and out through the speaker at the same time.

Model: VoiceBooster MR1505 (Aker)
Color: Black
Peak Power output: 12 Watts
Frequency response: 100hz plus minus 13db1khz plus minus1db
Dimensions: 4.13 in. x 3.31 in. x 1.38 in. (105mm x 84mm x 35mm)
Weight: 0.92 lbs (420 g)
Voltage: 7.5v
Current consumption: 150mA
Speaker Sensitivity: 53 dBV/A plus minus 3 dB
Power Source: Built-in Lithium rechargeable batteries
Battery Life: 10-15 hours, 6-hour recharge, 2-3 year life (replacements available)
Warranty: 6-month parts and labor
Also included: Headset microphone, Charger cable (US plug), MP3 cable (male to male 3.5mm), mp3 line-in port, Microphone line in port, Removable belt clip, adjustable waistband, carry bag
Possible Uses: Costumes, Props, Electronic sound effects, MP3 player, Teachers, Professors, Ministers, Coaches, Tour guides, and Presentations