The WatchMinder 3- Vibrating Reminder Watch-Pink

Manufacturer: HearMore

Up to 30 daily alarms with printed messages

  • Set up to 30 daily recurring alarms
  • Choose from 65 pre-programmed text messages
  • Easy-to-read LCD with hours, minutes, and seconds
  • Waterproof sports watch fits all wrists - even children
  • Rechargeable battery and charger included
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Get discreet vibrating reminders throughout the day! The WatchMinder 3 looks like a stylish sports watch but acts like your own personal assistant, providing vibration alerts and displaying text messages like MEDS, RELAX, or PAY ATTN up to 30 times a day.

Use any of the 65 preprogrammed messages to remind you to take medication, complete an important task, manage a medical condition, or help track diet and exercise for health or rehab programs. The WatchMinder 3 can be helpful for Alzheimer's patients, time and focus management for attention and learning disorders (ADD, ADHD, AD/HD, and LD), persons with autism and other developmental disorders, behavior modification, potty training, bedwetting, and incontinence management. It can also be a valuable tool for eliminating bad habits such as smoking, nail-biting, and overeating.

The WatchMinder 3 has two modes, the reminder mode, and the training mode. Both modes can be operated at the same time. The reminder mode is useful for remembering specific tasks like taking medication and doing homework or chores. The training mode is useful for behavior change and self-monitoring.

Invented by a child psychologist, WatchMinder 3 is recommended by medical doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, special education teachers, vocational rehabilitation counselors, school administrators, behavior therapists, school nurses, and others.

- Sports watch fits everyone, including children, teens, and those with smaller wrists
- Large, easy-to-read LCD with hours, minutes, and seconds
- Simple on-screen programming
- 65 pre-programmed messages to choose from with 30 daily recurring alarms
- Vibrating alert with "snooze repeat" feature
- Accessible to deaf and hard-of-hearing users
- Waterproof
- Includes rechargeable battery and charger