The Simtech Super Bundle- One User- Software

Manufacturer: Marblesoft

Single-switch activities plus sing-alongs/stories

  • Entire Simtech Single Switch Collection
  • Also includes The Simtech Early Literacy Series
  • For switch access, requires switch interface and one or more switches
  • For Mac (10.1 or newer) or PC (Windows XP or newer)
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The Simtech Super Bundle consists of more than 60 activities to delight single switch users. Different switch modes provide access for any user and can be used for switch training. Includes the entire Simtech Single Switch Collection:
- Frog & Fly
- Spider Maze
- Switch Arcade
- Switch Kids
- Switch Wars
- Super Switch Puzzles
- Picasso Series (4 programs)
- Sights & Sounds Complete (4 programs)
- Scan & Match Series (6 programs)

Also included in the Simtech Early Literacy Series: In "Sing-Along" mode the player learns to start and stop the music and animation while they sing along. In "Explore-A-Story" mode the player explores and controls the story as it is read aloud, either word-by-word or line-by-line. Works with mouse, touch screen, or up to 3 switches. Includes:
- Everybody Has Feet
- Sharon Won't Share
- I Hate Peas

- Macintosh running MacOS 10.1 or newer, or a PC running Windows XP or newer
- For switch access, requires a switch interface and one or more switches

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