TapeQueen Ready-to-Go Braille Slate- Tape- Stylus

Mark items in braille for identification by touch

  • 8-cell braille slate with 1/2-inch vinyl tape
  • Built-in retractable safety blade for cutting tape
  • Made of durable, lightweight molded plastic
  • Includes clear labeling tape and stylus
  • Measures 5.0 in. x 2.125 in. x 2.25 in.
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Quickly, easily create Braille labels to identify objects of similar shape, such as DVDs/CDs/cassettes, file folders, cans, jars, and bottles, as well as tactile dots (Bump Dots) for marking positions on various objects.

The innovative TapeQueen is a ready-to-go system with a Braille slate that comes pre-loaded with a clear self-adhesive vinyl labeling tape. Great for blind and visually impaired people to use for greater convenience around the home and more efficient workflow in the office.

- Small device, easy to store and transport; modern design and comfortable to use.
- Dual function: use for preparing braille labels and bump dots.
- Tape dispenser remains in a fixed position: no repeat handling necessary, instant (ready-to-go) access to writing and embossing. Provides a constant distance between characters even when writing longer words.
- Universal system whereby the users can write the characters in their own variation of braille. Also allows sighted people to write braille labels by referencing the braille alphabet attached to the bottom of the device.
- Easily peel off self-adhesive label/dot from its backing
- 8 braille character cells
- Material: durable injection die-cast plastic
- Handy built-in retractable safety blade for cutting tape
- Includes: TapeQueen, 0.50 in. Clear Braille Tape Roll and Saddle-Shaped Stylus
- Two-Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty

Measurements: 5.0 in. x 2.125 in. x 2.25 in.
Weight: 2.1 oz.