Talking Washable Plastic Stickers

stickers that talk

  • Talking Washable Plastic Stickers
  • Touch with PENfriend and record
  • water-resistant labels for use on cans and bottles.
  • Each pack contains 25 stickers
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Talking Washable Plastic Stickers
Get even more from your RNIB PenFriend with these reusable, water-resistant labels for use on cans and bottles. Stick a reusable label to jar of pesto, tin of creamed rice, or bottle of squash ? and when the container is empty, peel off the label and put it on the new jar/tin/bottle. As well as being reusable, these plastic labels can be wiped clean with a damp cloth if your pesto or squash gets away from you.
25 yellow labels with large blue numbers in the pack: four large rectangular labels; nine large round labels; 12 small round labels.
Each sticker can hold up to 60 minutes of recording with your RNIB PenFriend, and can be re-recorded.
Please note, stickers can be re-used multiple times, until they lose their stickiness!