SuperPole with SuperTrapeze and SuperBar

Manufacturer: HealthCraft

For easier standing, moving, and meals in bed

  • SuperPole adjusts to fit 93" to 99" standard ceilings
  • SuperTrapeze enables user to ?climb up" to seated position
  • SuperBar for added gripping and weight-bearing support
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs.
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The SuperPole System is an award-winning modular support system designed for those requiring assistance with standing, transferring, or moving in bed. Central to the system is the stylish floor-to-ceiling SuperPole, which provides a secure structure that can be installed in minutes between a floor and ceiling.

This set includes the following two accessories that mount to the SuperPole for expanded functionality and convenience:
1. The SuperTrapeze handle simulates two rungs on a ladder and allows for improved use of arm strength to "climb up" to a seated position.
2. The SuperBar horizontal pivoting and locking bar mounts to the SuperPole, improving safety with additional gripping and weight-bearing support.

- Ease of Installation: quick and easy to install/relocate. Installs by turning the jackscrew at the bottom of the pole. The screw "expands" the pole to create enough tension between the floor and ceiling to hold the pole "rock-solid" secure.
- No Damage Installation: rubber pads on the ceiling plate and the floor plate hold pole secure and prevent marring of floor and ceiling, even stipple ceilings.
- Style: clean and modern design will suit any decor.
- Comfort: foam handgrip provides a comfortable gripping surface, particularly useful for those with limited hand strength.
- Versatility: installs anywhere there is a floor and ceiling, placing transfer support directly where it is needed. Use it beside a bed, bath, toilet, or chair.

- Unlike conventional triangle trapeze handles, the SuperTrapeze handle simulates two rungs on a ladder, enabling the user to more easily "climb up" to a seated position.
- Optimizes Space: conventional trapeze floor stands can force the bed away from the wall, reducing valuable floor space. SuperPole with SuperTrapeze installs beside the bed and requires less than 5" / 13 cm of floor space.
- Adjustable: the trapeze support arm and nylon strap are height adjustable. For easy storage, simply hook the trapeze handle onto the SuperPole.

- An award-winning, innovative, horizontal pivoting and locking bar that mounts to the SuperPole. Improves safety with additional gripping and weight-bearing support.
- Innovative: a gentle lift unlocks the bar. Keep the bar up to move freely. Let the bar down to lock. Provides 8 locking positions around the SuperPole.
- Trusted Support: push or pull on the bar to assist with sitting, standing, and moving. To help prevent a forward fall, the bar will lock if released. Widely prescribed by therapists around the world.
- Reduce Caregiver Strain: maximize the use of available strength while a caregiver supervises.
- Promotes safe and independent movement.
- Space Saver: great for around the bath or toilet, where limited space can make it difficult for a wheelchair, walker, or rollator.

- SuperPole: 90" / 229 cm x 1.5" / 3.81 cm diameter. White powder coated steel.
- SuperBar: 16" / 40 cm length x 1.5" / 3.81 cm diameter grip. Locks every 45 degrees (8 positions). Typically 24-38" / 61-97 cm from floor with limit of 58" / 147cm to ceiling.
- SuperTrapeze: 0.875" / 2.22 cm diameter rail. Strap range 42-70" / 107-178 cm from ceiling.
- Trapeze Handle Grips: 6.25" / 16 cm and 10.25" / 26 cm
- Grip Length: 20" / 51 cm. Washable, latex free grip.
- Floor to Ceiling Height: 93" to 99" / 236 to 253 cm (standard).
- Expansion Mechanism: 1-1/8" fine cut thread. Zinc-plated steel jackscrew.
- Top Plate: 20" / 51 cm length. Top plate rubber will not mark ceiling.
- Base Plate: 5" / 13 cm diameter. Non-marking, base plate rubber is ribbed for better gripping.
- Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.