Sock Horse Sock Aid

Manufacturer: MaxiAids

Makes putting on socks fast and easy

  • Extra-long handle reduces bending and straining
  • Rubber grips are gentle on delicate socks and nylons
  • Doubles as a long-handled shoehorn
  • Measures approximately 17.5" x 6" x 4"
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Simply fold the top of the sock over the tabs, and pull it onto your foot! The Sock Horse is the easiest and fastest sock tool ever it also doubles as a long-handled shoehorn. Helpful dressing aid for those with back, knee, or hip pain, decreased flexibility (overweight, pregnant, etc.), or limited hand strength/dexterity.

- Extra-long handle, ribbed thumb grips, and ergonomic hand contour
- Doesn't stretch out socks just the top of the sock goes on the grips
- Rubber grips are gentle on even the most delicate socks and nylons
- Guides cradle your leg, steadying the tool while inserting sock onto tool
- Two tools in one guides double as a long-handled shoehorn
- Gender neutral taupe color with clean white grips
- Works on most types of socks, calf-length nylons, and many types of knee-hi compression hose
- Made in the USA

Measures approximately 17.5" x 6" x 4"
Weight: 5 oz.