Say It With Sign- Volume 9 -VHS

The most comprehensive video series on A.S.L.

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Say It With Sign is the most comprehensive video series on signing ever produced. Sign Language is the 3rd most used Language in the U.S. behind English and Spanish. This 20-hour Home Video Library teaches conversational sign language in a fun, easy and enchanting manner. You'll learn why this romantic language has such sensitive beauty. Volume 9 (Running Time: 160 min) Family Vacation - After having spent two weeks on vacation in Arizona, the Solows have returned with Sharon's sister (Sheila Hall) and her two sons (Rich and Kirk) - as well as Sharon's mother and father (Don and Hertha Neuman). They all guest in this episode to talk about the family vacation. We learn the signs for various relations within the family unit. Finger-spelling lesson: D, O, G, E and I. Sharon sign-sings 'Living Together, Growing Together.' Vacationing - Preoccupied with their vacation, Larry and Sharon dig out the traditional fish stories. They discuss how signs differ across the country and also from country to country. The signs taught in this episode involve camping out and travel. Fingerspelling lesson: W, O, N, E and H. Larry was so thrilled with his vacation that he sign-sings his desire to go 'Around the World in 80 Days.' Megan's 2nd Birthday - Today is Megan's birthday party (Larry and Sharon's daughter). Larry's parents (Robert and Marilyn Solow) join them to give Megan her birthday cake and to sign and sing 'Happy Birthday.' Megan's proud parents help her to show off her ability to sign. We learn signs related to the birthday party. Fingerspelling lesson: M, E, N, S and A. Food - Both being on diets, Larry and Sharon have a great preoccupation with food. This episode is devoted entirely to the sign for foods that are definitely not on their diets