Reizen LED Clip Magnifier 2x and 4x Lens

Manufacturer: Distributed by Reizen

User this magnifier anywhere!

  • Features bifocal 2x/4x magnifying lens that is durable and scratch-resistant
  • Rimless, optical-grade magnifier features two bright LED lights for increased visibility
  • Flexible metal gooseneck allows for adjustable angles
  • Durable clip makes it easy to attach anywhere
  • Easy on/off switch for LED light
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Use this magnifier anywhere you may need increased visibility! Your desk, kitchen counter, and many other surfaces allow you to clip this magnifier on when you need some extra illumination and magnification. With a bifocal lens featuring 2x and 3x magnification, this is the perfect accessory for those with low vision who need assistance reading, crafting, participating in their hobbies, and more. Its flexible metal gooseneck allows you to get the perfect angle for any needs!

- LED lighted clip magnifier is distortion-free
- Lighted magnifier has a bifocal 2x/4x lens
- LED lighted magnifying glass is perfect for books, maps crafts, and wherever lighted magnification is needed
- Clip LED lighted magnifier with 3.5" (89mm) frameless lens is rimless, durable, unbreakable lens, and is scratch-resistant
- Optical-grade acrylic lens LED lighted magnifier
- Flexible neck frameless lighted LED magnifier with clip
- Lighted LED magnifying glass with 2 bright white LED lights
- Easy on/off switch LED lighted magnifier