Reizen 65mm Dome Magnifier with Dark Blue Ring

Manufacturer: Reizen

Magnification Plus Focused Light For Easy Reading

  • Enhances image clarity by focusing light on reading material
  • 4x, 12 Diopter Magnification Strength
  • 2.56 inch Diameter x 1.75-inches High
  • Durable, easy to use low vision aid reduces eyestrain
  • Attractive rubber ring in choice of colors gives comfortable grip
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This great all-purpose magnifier is especially helpful in low light situations, or those who suffer with low vision. The Reizen 65mm Dome Magnifier with Dark Blue Ring features distortion-free magnification and has a calculated light guidance that directs all possible illumination onto the object. This lighted magnifier provides a brighter field of view without an additional light source. This handy magnifier is easy to use, and requires no focusing. Simply lay the Reizen 65mm Dome Magnifier on top of the item being read and enjoy clearer, easier reading. Ideal for reading maps, labels, phone books, etc. as well as for hobbies such coin and stamp collecting.

Keep it on your desktop at arm's reach (even use it as a paperweight) so it's handy when you need it. ?-inch rubber band provides comfortable grip and is also an attractive accent piece. Measures 2.56-in. Diameter x 1.75-in. High. Perfect reading aid for the visually impaired.

Includes: 1 dome magnifier with 1 colored ring (your choice of color), elegant black draw string bag, comes in white gift box.

Choose any ONE of the colors shown below:

Dome Magnifier with Black Ring - Item # R6912-BB
Dome Magnifier with Pink Ring - Item # R6912-P
Dome Magnifier with Yellow Ring - Item # R6912-Y
Dome Magnifier with Orange Ring - Item # R6912-O
Dome Magnifier with Light Green Ring - Item # R6912-LTGR
Dome Magnifier with Dark Blue Ring - Item # R6912-DRB
Dome Magnifier with Green Ring - Item # R6912-G
Dome Magnifier with Light Blue Ring - Item # R6912-LTBL
Dome Magnifier with Purple Ring - Item # R6912-PRPL
Dome Magnifier with White Ring - Item # R6912-W
Dome Magnifier with Red Ring - Item # R6912-R

Also available with Beige Hard Plastic Ring - Item # R6912-PR