ReadDesk Lite Plus Scanner- Reader- Magnifier

Manufacturer: TrySight

Hear text aloud, magnify on a PC & save as PDF/MP3

  • Captures, magnifies, and reads entire page
  • Change text color to suit your needs
  • Crystal clear font at any zoom level
  • Save text as PDF or MP3 files
  • Connects to PC (not included) for magnification
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Hear books, newspapers, prescription labels, utility bills and other text and documents read to you- plus, convert text into PDF or MP3 files for greater flexibility and the ability to listen to them on the go!

ReadDesk Plus is a simple scanning, reading, and magnifying device with all the features needed to make reading easy. It has instant text-to-speech capabilities.

At less than 1.5 lbs., ReadDesk Plus is super lightweight and small enough to fold into a laptop bag. This affordable text-to-speech, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) unit makes daily reading a joy. Scan, read, magnify, save, and listen to any printed material in a natural-sounding voice. Connect it to a laptop/desktop (not included) and view magnified text with crystal clear font.

ReadDesk Plus also comes with the capability to convert your printed text into PDF or MP3 files, allowing you easy access anytime, anywhere!

- In order to view magnified text and save/view PDF files, the ReadDesk Plus must be connected to a laptop or desktop PC (not included)
- Listening to MP3 files requires an MP3-compatible player (not included)


- EASY TO USE: Autostart and user-friendly interface. To start reading just click on the top right button and simply sit back and let ReadDesk read out your choice of document.

- TALKING MENU: ReadDesk has a talking menu. Magnify the menu to suit your needs.

- READING AND MAGNIFICATION: Start reading from any paragraph on the page. Skip forward, rewind back or just pause and view crystal clear text magnified.

- COLOR ENHANCEMENT: Don't like the glare from a white background? Colorblind? ReadDesk can manipulate the colors on the screen in dozens of ways so it doesn't strain your eyes. (ex. You may choose to view the text as yellow on black; black on yellow; black on green; green on black; blue on yellow; yellow on blue)

- READING VIEWS: The Original View retains the original image. You can read, forward, rewind, and magnify in this view. The Redrawn View replaces original text with digital text giving you a smooth-looking text that can be magnified. The Wrapped View displays digital text onto a digital background and reformats the text with the width of the screen. At any magnification level, the text will remains smooth and crystal clear.

ReadDesk Plus saves printed material in the form of a PDF file. This allows the user to access these files using any other program. You can also convert your printed material into an MP3 file and listen to your book on the bus or walking to the grocery store.

- ADJUSTABLE VOICE PROPERTIES: ReadDesk allows you to configure how fast and how loud to speak.

- HOT KEYS: You can access every ReadDesk feature using the keyboard, allowing you to be more efficient and productive on the computer.

- AUTO-START ON START-UP: Once installed, ReadDesk automatically starts up when the camera is plugged into the computer.

- PORTABILITY: Weighs only 1.5 lbs.

- COMPATIBILITY: Works with Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8

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Return Policy

Returns are subject to a 25% Re-Stocking Charge.