Steady Guide Finger Rests- Package of 30- Includes 2 Packages

For Parkinson's, dexterity issues, and low vision

  • Use on keyboard, calculator, and phone keys
  • Concave shape holds your fingers in place
  • Peel and stick self-adhesive backing
  • .50" diameter clear color
  • Package of 30 ? includes 2 packages
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Keep a steady hand while typing, using a calculator, or dialing the telephone. Simply place Steady Guide Finger Rests on the keys. The concave (indented) shape of the finger rest helps hold your fingers in place and keep them from slipping off the keys. You'll enjoy being able to work more easily, accurately, and efficiently.

Steady Guide Finger Rests are the perfect inexpensive assistive aid for those with Parkinson's and dexterity challenges, as well as for blind and low vision users. Put one finger rest on each key, or use them only at strategic reference points to mark specific keys, based on your individual needs. Self-adhesive backing - just peel and stick. .50" Diameter. Clear. Package of 30.