Raised Lines Paper - Widelines - Portrait

Visual and tactile clues for letter positioning

  • 5/8 space between sold lines, with dotted linew between pairs of solids
  • Built in margins
  • Thick and colorful raised baselines
  • Portait paper
  • 50 Sheets per package
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Help the visually impaired and blind learn where to write, where to start, where to stop and how to form correct letter sizes with consistency. Thick and colorful blue raised baselines help guide the user to improved handwriting with both visual and tactile clues. This paper has 5/8 space between solid lines with dotted lines between pairs of solids. The internal broken line serves as a reference for half-space letters. 50 individual sheets per package, no holes. Weighs 9.6 oz. Measures 8 1/2 x 11