PenFriend 3 Voice Labeling System

Manufacturer: RNIB

Identify objects with voice labels and magnets

  • Upgraded design replaces the PenFriend 2 with 4 easy-to-use yellow tactile operating buttons that contrast against black casing
  • Record your voice and mark household items onto self-adhesive labels
  • Simple on/off function for recording prevents you from having to hold record button
  • Transfer mp3 music files to your PenFriend 3
  • 250+ hours of recording time
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Introducing the upgraded PenFriend 3 Voice Labeling System! This best-selling, low-cost, audio labeler for blind and visually impaired users lets you label anything and everything with discreet audio labels all in your own voice. Easily record and re-record information using this versatile, pocket-sized, easy-to-use labeling system. You can instantly play back the recordings anywhere simply using the PenFriend 3.

The upgraded PenFriend 3 is slimmer in design than the original model, has 4 simple yellow tactile operating buttons that contrast against the black casing of the device. These buttons are designed to make it easier for the blind or visually impaired user to locate and use.

Use to label food/freezer items, film/music collections, household objects. Organize letters and other paperwork. Record shopping lists, leave audio messages, or use it as a portable note-taker at the office or classroom - just record your message and keep track of it by placing the allocated label in a small notebook.

Comes with 8GB internal memory expandable to 16GB w/SD card (additional), up to 250 hours of recording, 105 colored labels, 1 key fob w/4 recording spots, neck lanyard, 1 tactile audio instruction card, mp3 music player, talking book player, and 2 AAA batteries. Free Label Manager software available for downloading to manage your labels, MP3 content, books, and music. (USB cable required to connect the device to a computer - not included).

Includes free 'PenFriend sticker management software' which works with JAWS screen reader and free CreateLINK software to access sound enabled books, posters, maps. 1-Yr. Manufacturer's Limited Warranty.

To use, simply allocate one of the coded self-adhesive labels, record and store your message on the PenFriend 3. To play back a recording, make sure that the PenFriend 3 is in the default Recording mode (red light). Touch any label with recordings and you will hear it played back. There is no limit to the length of each message. Auto power-off after 3 mins.

Use the backup features on your computer to save your recordings. See manual for more info.

NOTE: The PenFriend 3 can only read old PenFriend 2 and 1 labels if the old PenFriend 2 and 1 memory is downloaded to the PenFriend 3. This may be accomplished using the PenFriend 2 or 1 to PenFriend 3 File Conversion Utility which can be downloaded free of charge from the following link.

Please note that the accessories listed in the current instructions are incorrect and are as below:

RNIB PenFriend 3 audio labeller. 105 orange and yellow self-adhesive tactile labels. One keyfob; with four recording spots. Lanyard. "Getting started" audio instruction card; with 15 ideas for using your RNIB PenFriend 3.Two AAA batteries already inserted; replacement batteries are available

NOTE: Replacement labels for the PenFriend are available, including fabric-made rectangular laundry labels. Other types of laundry labels are also available: small circles, large circles, and squares.

Audio Instructions

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