PenFriend Audio Laundry Label Pack 5

Manufacturer: RNIB

Label Your Clothes Using Your Own Voice

  • Self-adhesive laundry labels for the RNIB PenFriend Voice Labeling System
  • Record voice labels with clothes pattern, color, etc.
  • No ironing or stitching needed
  • Pack of 48 self-adhesive, rectangular labels (1.1 in. x 0.8 in.)
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PenFriend Laundry Label Pack 4 contains 48 self-adhesive, rectangular labels measuring 1.1 in. x 0.8 in.

Label clothes using your own voice!
Use your RNIB PenFriend Voice Labeling System to record the pattern, color, and care instructions of your entire wardrobe onto these self-adhesive labels, and never leave the house with odd socks or a mismatched outfit again. Laundry labels stay put and stay safe in washing machines, tumble dryers, and during hand washing of clothes.

- Pack of 48 self-adhesive labels
- Each rectangular label measures 3cm by 2cm (1.1 by 0.8 inches)
- No ironing or stitching required
- Should be applied to the care label
- For wools and acrylics, apply to the care label
- Suitable for use in washing machines, tumble dryers, and for hand washing
- Each label will withstand 50 plus washes up to 50 degrees
- After applying, wait seven days before washing to allow the adhesive to set
- Not suitable for dry cleaning
- Labels should be used within six months of opening
- Standard label packs available for labeling other items such as CD collections, food items, and medicines

Note to existing PenFriend users:
These labels are slightly different than standard PenFriend labels.
The material is thicker, and the labels are die-cut meaning that the excess labeling material surrounding individual labels has been left in place.
You will need to locate the edge of the label that you want to use, remove it from the baking sheet, and attach it to your clothing before recording.

Please note: Due to unique codes embedded in the labels, only one set of each label pack can be used with each PenFriend. Please purchase the packs in order: Pack A, followed by Pack B, and so forth through F.