OttLite 24-Watt Design Pro Floor Lamp for Low Vision

Manufacturer: OttLite

Read More Easily and See True Colors

  • Low heat, low glare for reduced eyestrain
  • Long life, energy efficient 24wHD tube
  • Flexible gooseneck allows ideal positioning
  • Height range is from 46 to 52-1/2
  • Lamp head measures 18 x 3-1/2
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Read without eyestrain and see colors true-to-life Whether you're an avid reader enjoying the latest bestseller or simply perusing a newspaper, magazine or the daily mail, the OttLite 24-Watt Design Pro Floor Lamp will give you the ideal lighting to read more easily, for longer periods without eyestrain. In addition, this lamp will give graphic designers, hobbyists (including needle workers) and anyone who works with colors accurate color matching.

Other features include a flexible gooseneck that allows you to position light exactly where you need it and an energy efficient 24wHD tube that is rated to last up to 10,000 hours. Height range is from 46 to 52-1/2. Lamp head measures 18 x 3-1/2. Color: Black/Chrome.

About OttLite 508 Technology...
When it comes to lighting, brighter isn't always better. Bright light sources reveal vibrant colors but also cause a harsh glare, causing the eye muscles to squint. Other light sources reveal high contrast so that edges of objects appear clear, but the drawback is distorted color. Also, the more intense the light, the more energy is used, generating more heat.

OttLite offers a unique solution to this problem. OttLite lighting is expertly engineered with 508 technology to bring the quality of High Definition Natural Lighting indoors, providing the ideal balance of brightness and contrast. The result is reduced glare, less eyestrain, and low heat. Compare an OttLite side by side with an ordinary light and the result is extraordinary. See the difference with your eyes...and experience the difference in your ability to work longer, happier and more comfortably.