Orange Vinyl Label Tape- 0.50 x 144-in- One Roll

Manufacturer: Reizen

Colorful refill for your Reizen Braille Labeler

  • Create large 1/2" labels with letters and numbers
  • Prints as embossed white characters on color background
  • Hi-contrast colors are easy to see
  • Adhesive backing adheres to almost anything
  • One 0.50 x 144-inch roll of labeling tape
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Mark everyday items in your home or office with colored labels! Organize your files, records, DVDs, credit cards, and business cards. Create Braille labels with names, addresses, and phone numbers for your address book.

This Orange Vinyl Label Tape is a fun, functional, and colorful alternative to replace standard clear or black labeling tape used in the Reizen RL-350 Braille Labeler and other labelers (sold separately). Colored labels can give sighted users an added means of organizing items and distinguishing them from one another, as well as providing additional color contrast options for people with low vision.

- Create 1/2-inch high labels embossed with letters and numbers
- Brailled tape shows as white characters against an orange background
- Provides nice contrast, improving visibility for low vision users
- Large 0.50-in. wide by 144-in. long label tape
- Adhesive backing lets you adhere it to almost anything
- Works perfectly with the Reizen RL-350 Braille Labeler (sold separately)
- One roll of self-adhesive labeling tape in brailler-ready cartridge

Tape dimensions: 0.50-in. wide by 144-in. long
Cartridge dimensions (approximate): 2.00-in. diameter x 0.375 in. wide
Product weight: 0.7 oz.