OrCam MyEye Smart Reading Device

Manufacturer: OrCam
  • Activated by voice commands
  • Includes new Smart Reading feature, which allows the user to give commands such as "Read me the headline"
  • No internet connection required - works anywhere
  • Easily attaches to virtually any pair of glasses; Simply speak a voice command out loud for complete hands-free usage of the device
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Thanks to the revolutionary OrCam MyEye Smart Kit, you can enjoy reading the books you love and experience enhanced independence at work and in life. The MyEye Smart is a revolutionary voice-activated device that conveys visual information audibly in real-time -- and without a WiFi connection! Simply attach the MyEye Smart to a pair of glasses using its magnetic attachment and you are ready to go!


Size: 76 x 21 x 14.9 mm/3 x 0.83 x 0.59 in
Weight: 22.5 gr/0.79 oz
Power: 3.7VDC
Camera: 13 Megapixels