Molded Wheelchair Armrest with Slide- On Mount- Right

Manufacturer: Reizen

Keeps wheelchair user's arm stabilized

  • Stabilizes elbow and rises gently to fingertips to prevent edema
  • Slides onto existing wheelchair arm
  • Remains stationary once installed
  • Single armrest for right side
  • Measures 20.75 in. x 5.50 in. x 4.50 in.
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The Molded Wheelchair Armrest (also known as the Hard Molded Arm Trough) with Slide-On Mount provides an ergonomically designed, cost-effective solution for wheelchair users with arm issues.

In addition to stabilizing the elbow, this wheelchair accessory features a convex palm area for user comfort as well as a gentle rise in elevation from elbow to fingertips to prevent edema. This mobility aid was designed to slide onto the existing wheelchair arm and remain stationary once installed. Includes one armrest.

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