Metal Forge TWS Air Gaming Earbuds- Pink

Manufacturer: iLuv

Great for any gaming setup!

  • 3 different LED colors to light up your earbuds to match every setup, mood, or occasion: switch between blue, red, and pink
  • Ultra-low 60ms latency allows you to hear every in-game sound or voice communications from friends and teammates
  • Dual MEMS microphones are close to your mouth, allowing you to communicate clearly while suppressing background noise
  • Extra-long battery life ? full headphone charge lasts 5 hours, with compact charging case holding a total of 20 hours of charge time
  • Connects with Sony Playstation, Microsoft Xbox, Gaming PCs, Apple, and Android devices, as well as any device that connects via Bluetooth
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These wireless earbuds are perfect for any gaming setup! With three different LED colors to light up the side of the buds, they can match any mood or aesthetic: choose between blue, red, and pink for the perfect look. Four different ear tip sizes ensure the perfect fit every time. With ultra-low 60ms latency, you never have to worry about lag between your game and your headphones, making communicating with teammates and friends a breeze! Avoid background noise and make sure your team can hear you loud and clear with dual MEMS microphones located at the bottom of the earbuds closest to your mouth.

Simple touch controls allow you to perform any commands with ease:
Power (On): Hold touch area for 2 seconds
Power (Off): Hold touch area for 5 seconds
Calls (Answer/End): Tap touch area 2 times
Calls (Reject): Hold touch area for 2 seconds
Dual Mode (Game/Music): Tap touch area 3 times to toggle
Music (Play/Pause): Tap touch area 1 time
Music (Skip): Tap touch area 2 times; Left for previous and Right for next
Volume (Up/Down): Hold touch area; Left for decrease and Right for increase

The Metal Forge TWS Air Gaming Earbuds have an extra-long battery life, so you rarely have to worry about charging. A full charge lasts approximately five hours, and their portable charging case holds a total of 20 hours of charge. Pair these earbuds with any Bluetooth-enabled device with ease and improve your gaming experience today!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to health reasons, this product is non-returnable.