Mercury 13 Low Vision Computer System

Manufacturer: TrySight

A revolutionary laptop and CCTV replacement!

  • Specifically designed for the visually impaired
  • A lightweight, compact Windows Tablet-based system
  • With Mercury 13 device you can take notes, access the web, easily read documents, and more!
  • A complete laptop and CCTV replacement in just a single, amazing device!
  • Dual monitor is optional. Listen to printed text! Integrated USB Hub and LED!
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The Mercury 13 is a complete low vision system designed for use as a one-in-all laptop, magnifier, and OCR device. The Mercury 13 is powered by the Microsoft Windows Surface Pro 8 Tablet, and features a large screen for maximum viewing area. Folds into a compact size for convenient portability; easily fits into a laptop-sized bag!
NOTE: Dual monitor is optional.
* 13-Inch HD Screen
* Live Magnification
* Full Page Accurate recognition (OCR)
* Multiple Contrast Color Schemes
* Distance/Near Split screen capability
* Menu & Reading capability in Multiple Languages
* Large Print keyboard & Trackpad included
* Compatible with popular access software
* Zoom Magnifier/Reader pre-installed
* Integrated LED Light
* Foldable stand
* Up to 8 hours battery (Laptop Mode)
Screen size: 13 inches; Unfolded size: 12 inches x 13 inches x 12 inches; Folded size: 12 inches x 13 inches x 2 inches.
NOTE: For those who wish to use this in a classroom, the Mercury 12 Distance Camera (which also works for the Mercury 13) is available as an add-on option, allowing up to 20X zoom. See item no. 357244 to view and purchase the camera.