Low Vision Atomic Wall Clock- 14-inch

Manufacturer: MaxiAids

Easy-to-see big numbers and it even sets itself!

  • Oversized 14-inch diameter with 1.5-inch numbers
  • Atomic (auto setting) with manual setting option
  • Sets itself and accounts for Daylight Savings Time
  • Durable black plastic frame with off-white face
  • Requires one AA alkaline battery (not included)
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Easily tell the time and never set a wall clock again! Perfect for the home or office, this Analog Atomic Wall Clock offers an oversized 14-inch diameter face and big 1.5-inch black numbers that make telling time a breeze even from across the room.

Plus, it's radio-controlled so it sets itself and even accounts for Daylight Savings Time, so the only time you'll ever have to take it off the wall are those rare occasions when it needs a fresh battery!

About Radio-Controlled Clocks:
Radio-controlled clocks (aka Atomic Clocks) automatically synchronize to a radio signal called WWVB that the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) broadcasts continuously from a radio station near Fort Collins, Colorado. These clocks receive a signal that ensures they keep split-second accurate time all the time!

- Oversized 14-inch diameter
- Large, easy-to-see (nearly 1.5 inches high) black numbers
- Atomic time with manual setting option
- Automatically sets to exact time
- Accurate to the second
- Automatically updates for Daylight Savings Time (on/off option)
- 4 time zone settings
- Durable, lightweight black plastic frame with off-white face
- Requires one AA alkaline battery (not included)
- One-year manufacturer's limited warranty

Measurements (approx.): 14-in. diameter x 1.50 in. Thick
weight (approx.): 2 lbs. 12 oz.