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Living lessons from the Bible is a series of Bible studies on videotape. These lessons can help you find the answer to your questions about the Christian life. Each two-tape set contains twelve lessons presented in sign language with an English voice over. The lessons are usually 15 to 25 minutes in length, and are videotaped at variety of indoor and outdoor locations. Signed discussion questions are included at the end of each lesson on most tapes. Generally, American Sign Language is used by the skilled preachers and teachers. A printed study guide comes with each set of lessons. The study guide contains key Bible reference, lesson outlines, discussion questions, and suggestions for applying each lesson to life. Living lessons from the Bible are ideal for worship services, Sunday school classes, and small group or individual Bible studies. Deaf adults and teens will benefit from these practical and timely lessons.
Have you ever wondered what it realy means to be holy and how a person becomes holy? Since God calls every Christian to holiness, this is an important subject, but one that is often neglected in the church today. In this study fron Colossians, Steve Miller tells us what holiness is and how we can become (and stay) holy. He explores the list of sins described by Paul that we are to throw off and looks at the attributes God wants us to put on in our life.