Keyguard for KeysUSee Large Print Keyboard

Manufacturer: Viziflex

Great for Parkinson's and Motor Skills Issues

  • Increases typing speed and accuracy
  • Frame/handrest prevents accidental keystrokes
  • Polished holes for smooth typing
  • Made of 3/16" thick clear acrylic
  • Easy to attach and remove with Velcro strips
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This keyguard is a great keyboard accessory for computer users with limited motor skills, such as those with Parkinson's. A sturdy frame allows hands to be rested on it without accidentally pressing keys. Polished holes directly above all the individual keys guide fingers, allowing increased typing accuracy and reducing frustration.

Constructed of 3/16" thick clear, durable acrylic that won't bend or crack. Velcro strips make attaching and removal fast and easy. For use only with Keys U See Large Print Keyboards Only (not included.)