How to go Blind and Not Lose Your Mind Book

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How to Go Blind and Not Lose Your Mind discusses the process of losing your sight and ways to deal with it. Written through the eyes of a person who has been through the process and survived. How to Go Blind and Not Lose Your Mind begins at the diagnosis, walks you through the stages of sight loss, and explores emotional and physical problems associated with going blind. It describes low vision, legal blindness, loss of independence, and what it may mean to you. You will find what help and visual aids are available. There are physical and emotional problems with loss of sight, however you can still keep your vision about living and enjoy a full, happy life. This book gives more than just hope, it is the vision you need while losing your sight. Chapters include: The Diagnosis, After the Diagnosis, Losing Your Sight - What Happens, Low Vision - What is it?, Independence, Cheer Up, Support Groups and the Role of Family and Friends, Low Vision Aids and Devices, Rehabilitation and Training and more.
Mike Harmer retired from a successful business career to write this book. During the last seven years of his career he owned and managed a retail tire business, while at the same time dealing with an eye disease that left him legally blind within two years of the onset of the disease. Determined not to let the disease beat him and destroy his business operating successfully. Wanting to share his experience, to help others deal with the process of losing their sight, he wrote, How To Go Blind and Not Lose Your Mind. Mike lives in Homer, Alaska with his wife, Gwen, and is pursuing a writing career he wishes he had started 45 years ago. Soft cover; 130 pages.