FM Plus Assistive Listening Systems Pro

Manufacturer: Williams Sound

Features coaxial cable and rack panel kit

  • Provides the industry's 1st choice of using traditional FM receivers or personal electronic devices over Wi-Fi for hearing assistance
  • Exceptional audio quality - built on a professional digital audio (DSP) platform
  • Designed to support those who want to use their own smartphones and headphones for a more discreet assistive listening experience
  • Supports the iOS and Android WaveCAST apps and the Wi-Fi receiver
  • Supports all of the current and legacy Williams Sound FM receivers operating on the 72-76 MHz bandwidth
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Large-area Dual FM/Wi-Fi assistive listening system with 4 FM R37 receivers. Coaxial cable and rack panel kit require professional installation. Simplicity is also available for those who want a more traditional assistive listening system with a dedicated FM receiver and headset. Developed for hearing assistance in public venues - includes a complete audio processor optimized for the needs of hearing impaired people and is easily integrated with an existing sound system or used with a microphone as a stand-alone system.

System includes:
(1) FM T55 transmitter
(4) PPA R37N receivers
(4) EAR 022 surround earphones
(2) NKL 001 neck loops
(2) BAT KT6 two-bay chargers and rechargeable batteries
(1) ANT 005 remote coaxial antenna
(1) IDP 008 ADA wall plaque
(1) RPK 005 rack panel kit