Fletter Card Game- BRAILLE modified

Manufacturer: Modified by MaxiAids

Brain Stimulating Kids Card Game

  • Quick and Fun to play
  • Perfect for family game night
  • Take It On The Go!
  • Suitable kids game for ages 8+ and ideal for 2-4 players
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Introduce your friends and family to Fletter card games for kids. It is a wonderfully thrilling experience that also happens to improve vocabulary and reflexes. It's a fun and educational card game for kids, teens, and adults that allows them to learn and play together while making memories. With these alphabets flash card games for kids, you can make learning vocabulary more enjoyable and intriguing.
Card Games For Intellect & Social Stimulation: Kids card games can help exercise & develop cognitive skills. Strategic card games necessitate decision-making, strategy, and memory. This may assist with attention, concentration, & problem-solving abilities. Playing card games with others can encourage social engagement & conversation. This may help in the development of social skills, relationships, & teamwork. What's Inside : Each box of playing cards contains 96 single-letter Cards (BRAILLED ON TOP LEFT), 4 blank cards, 10 Flettered cards & a rules sheet. Find a flat playing surface & get ready for a thrilling brain game and do follow the instructions given on the box on how to play for playing the right way for maximum fun and learning.