EZ Outlet

Manufacturer: Outa Sight Products

For visually impaired, seniors, & limited mobility

  • No more struggling to plug in devices
  • Easy to plug into wall outlets, even with low vision
  • Contoured design guides the plug right in
  • Easy installation ? one simple step to replace any existing plug cover
  • Made in the USA
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EZ Outlet is a replacement for regular flat outlet plate covers. Sticks out of the wall approximately 1 inch so it's easy to find, making it hassle-free to plug any device into the wall. Get to those hard-to-reach places to find the electrical outlet without seeing the plug.

Convenient for seniors, people with vision impairment, and those with mobility challenges affecting motor-control and hand-eye coordination. Saves time and alleviates frustration. Designed for use with any standard wall outlet that's up to electrical code.