EZ Magnibar Reading Bar Magnifier with Red Tracker Line- 6 inches

Keeps your place when reading!

  • Convenient low vision reading aid with 1.5x magnification
  • Red tracking line helps readers focus on up to two lines of standard text at a time
  • Holds your place should you be multitasking while reading
  • For use as a magnifier, placeholder, or paperweight
  • 6-inch reading bar magnifier
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Those with low vision will appreciate this handy 6-inch bar magnifier with a red tracker line. Place the EZ Magnibar flat side down on any reading material and the tracking line that runs through it will help you focus and keep your place should you look away from your reading. The red tracker line runs through the middle of the bar magnifier, enabling you to focus on up to two lines of standard text at a time (one line above the red tracker line, and one line below the red tracker line). This EZ Magnibar made of clear Lucite material and is 6 inches long; just slide the bar up, down, left, or right to continue reading.