European Power Adapter for Sonic Alert Clocks

Manufacturer: Sonic Alert

Plug your Sonic Alert Alarm in around the world

  • Allows you to plug in alarm clocks and other small appliances
  • Fits outlets in Europe, Asia, Australia, and most countries
  • Built-in surge protector
  • Prongs fold up for safe, compact storage and transport
  • Measures 3.00 in. x 2.00 in. x 1.6 in.
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Now you can use your Sonic Alert alarm clock when you're traveling internationally! This ITP100 International Travel Adapter is a compact one-piece unit with 4 international adapters designed to fit the plugs in Europe/UK/USA/China/Japan/Australia/Spain and almost every country in the world. Plus, it provides a child protection safety shutter, power indicator light, and surge protector.

- The Universal Adapter Plug allows you to plug your small appliance or alarm clock into outlets around the world.
- For use in Europe Middle East Africa Asia and the Caribbean. UG-B: For use in S. America N. America Japan and the Caribbean.
- Built-in surge protector accommodates grounded and ungrounded plugs
- Lock-unlock button allows prongs to be folded in for safe, compact storage/transport
- CE certified

Note: This is a power adapter accessory ONLY for Sonic Alert clocks. Clocks must be purchased separately.

Measurements (w/prongs folded): 3.00 in. High x 2.00 in. Wide x 1.6 in. Deep
Weight: 3.2 oz.