Deluxe Kit ADA with Visual Notification

Manufacturer: Krown

Ideal for hotel rooms

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Our ADA Compliance Deluxe Kit is all you need to meet the current ADA communication access requirements. The Deluxe Kit is simple to set up and easy to use. The All-in-One Notification System includes an alarm clock with a bed shaker, a doorbell transmitter, and a visual telephone signaler. Your guests will never miss a wake-up call, a visitor at the door, or a phone call. The notification system also allows your guest to call the front desk or your local relay service to make outgoing calls. All Krown TDD's are compatible with analog, digital, or VOIP systems. Our best-selling telephone amplifier allows your hard-of-hearing guest to adjust the volume and high frequency sounds to a desirable level. Our KA300SD is a visual emergency notification system used as a bridge from the hotel's existing built-in fire alarm to the strobe and sound receiver placed in your hearing-impaired guest room. When activated anywhere in your hotel, the transmitter sends a wireless signal to the strobe and sound receiver to notify your guest of an emergency. The KA300SD system installs in minutes without the cost of re-wiring the building. The hotel can permanently install these items. This is a must-have!

Kit includes:
?Krown Standard TDD
?All-in-One Notification System
?Alarm clock
?Bed shaker
?Doorbell transmitter
?Visual telephone signaler
?Handset telephone amplifier
?KA30SD visual emergency notification system
?Softshell case