Con-SIGN-Tration 3 -CDRom

Manufacturer: IDRT

An A.S.L. Memory Game

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Con-SIGN-tration 4 is a game CD-ROM that challenges reading and memory skills by requiring the player to match ASL pictures to English words that disappear if no match is made. Each CD game covers 10 different categories and related vocabulary. Two levels of challenge make the games appropriate for almost any age player. The games keep score of the number of clicks and matches and randomize every time they are played. Con-SIGN-tration 3 covers the following categories: Transportation, Dress Yourself, On the Move, School Days, School Stuff, Play Time, Hobbies, Grammar, Body, and Arts. Minimum System Requirements: Windows 98 SE, 166 MHz Pentium, 16x CD-ROM Drive, 32 MB memory, Color SVGA monitor that supports True Color (24 bit)