Complete Marblesoft Bundle- For 5 Users- Software

Manufacturer: Marblesoft

Includes early learning, math & single switch game

  • Customizable to meet individual student needs
  • Supports keyboard mouse, touchscreen, and Intellikeys
  • Single and dual-switch accessible learning
  • Multiple levels of difficulty
  • Software for Mac and Windows
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The Complete Marblesoft Bundle includes the following software games and activities:

- Early Learning I: Matching Colors; Learning Shapes; Counting Numbers; Letter Match

- Early Math Skills: Early Addition I; Early Addition II; Sequencing Up; Sequencing Down; Early Subtraction I; Early Subtraction II; More Than/Less Than

- Money Skills: Coins and Bills; Counting Money; Making Change; How Much Change?; The Marblesoft Store

- The Graphic Speller: Teaches graphing skills by having the student spell out words. A set of letters is placed on a number line or graph. The student plots the given coordinates to find each letter in turn, spelling out a word.

- Potato Face: Six activities allow the child to play and work with faces, facial expressions, and appearance (Cause and Effect; Funny Face; Potato Face; Make a Face; My Face; Face to Face)

- Single Switch Games 2: Takes games similar to ones you enjoyed as a kid and adapts them for single switch users. All games include normal, easy, and cause-and-effect modes for maximum playability. (Single Switch Maze; A Frog's Life; Mr. Marblehead; Switching Lanes; Passing Lane; Switch Invaders; Slingshot Gallery; Scurry; Single Switch Solitaire; Concentrate; Duel Switch Invaders; Dueling Slingshots; Scurry Too; The Duel)

Koppy Kattz: Fun memory game for ages 3 to adult. In the cause and effect activity, the player experiments with the buttons. Prompting and reinforcement can be done with a synthesizer, piano, drums, or a contextual vocal prompt. In the three memory activities, an ever-increasing sequence is played which the player has to match. Play the game with colored buttons, dice, numbers, or cats. Works with a mouse, touch screen, keyboard, or from 2 to 6 switches. (Cause and Effect; Monkee See; Koppy Katt; Multi-Player)

Safe at Last! A game for high-functioning switch users. Takes a classic logic game and adapts it for players with disabilities. Players reveal squares on a grid, using deductive reasoning to determine which squares are safe and which reveal hidden dangers.

Software for Mac and Windows

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