COIL UK Raylite Duo Stand Magnifier Combo- 5.4x-17.7D

Manufacturer: Coil

Exclusive line of quality British-made magnifiers

  • Stand magnifier combo: handle and head
  • Energy-efficient LED illumination
  • 2 brightness settings: Low/High for varying needs
  • Uses 2 C batteries (not included)
  • Manufactured in England
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Perfect for reading tasks where the user may want to examine the item being magnified in more detail for longer periods of time, and for situations where dexterity, coordination, and lack of hand steadiness may prevent the use of a handheld magnifier.

This exclusive line of COIL UK Raylite Duo Stand Magnifiers is custom-manufactured in the United Kingdom to the highest precision standards using the finest quality materials.

COIL UK Raylite Duo Stand Magnifiers rest on top of the material being viewed, making them appropriate for longer reading tasks. They feature an Easy Press switch that allows the user to easily switch them on and off without hand and finger strain or pain. There are 2 brightness settings: High Brightness provides more illumination for rooms with poor lighting and for larger lens sizes, while Low Brightness is meant for bright rooms and smaller lens sizes.

Automatic Switch Off after approximately 35 minutes conserves battery life in case the light is accidentally left on. The LEDs provide bright, energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and a longer battery life. The special diffuser lens evenly spreads the LED light for the best possible view across the entire lens. The easy-access battery compartment makes battery changes quick and simple, even for those with dexterity challenges. Uses two 'C' batteries (not included).

- Lens shape: Round
- Magnification: 5.4x/17.7-diopter
- Lens diameter (mm): 49.6
- Effective focal length (mm): 56.60
- Manufactured in England