Cocoa and Katie Off To The Zoo - A Braille and Tactile Storybook

Visually impaired friends get a tactile zoo tour

  • Printed story on one side, Braille story and tactile illustration on opposite page
  • Read to children while they follow along in Braille, or kids read Braille themselves
  • Sturdy metal spiral binding lets book lay flat while reading
  • 22 pages in all plus cover
  • 8.5 x 11 thick durable card stock
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Written and illustrated by Nancy Newman. Tactile images with print and uncontracted braille. Follows the story of a day spent at the zoo by Katie, her guide dog Cocoa and their friends. The visually impaired friends get to meet and touch many animals, including a blind bird, during their tactile tour of the zoo given by 2 very special guides. Children can have the book read to them, and follow along with the Braille, or read the Braille by themselves. Great tool to help children who are learning Braille with an interesting and relevant story. Children can also color the tactile illustrations. Cover has book title in Braille and in tactile print plus tactile illustration.

22 pages including foreword and author's note. Sturdy metal spiral binding lets book lay flat for ease of reading. 8.5 x 11 thick durable card stock; bound on 11 inch side. Weighs: 4 ounces.