Claro Oska WordBanks- Software

Manufacturer: Claro Software

Introduces kids to word processing/writing on a PC

  • Helps students generate meaningful text
  • Created word banks aid in sentence building
  • Import vocabulary lists to add word banks
  • Text-to-Speech - hover mouse over a word to hear it read
  • Compatible with Windows 7, XP SP3, Vista SP2
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Oska WordBanks provide a useful technique for introducing students to word processing and writing using a computer. Children generally learn to recognize words before they can construct and spell them, so WordBanks can help students generate meaningful text from an early stage. The created word banks are also good tools for sentence building where vocabulary is predictable and defined or limited.

Writers with spelling difficulties can also use the created word banks to select longer and more difficult words, as well as generate ideas for word choice. They also allow for faster working by selecting whole or sections of words, where typing is slow.

WordBanks allow teachers or students to quickly create on-screen word banks. Simply import a list of words from any source using the WordBanks Editor. Users can decide the size of each word bank, how to index it, whether the words will speak, and other options. The word bank can then be published and run, and words can be selected using a mouse device or touch screen.

WordBanks enables the dynamic creation of word banks from any word lists.
Take a vocabulary list and create an on-screen word bank for it.

WordBanks can be used to list entire phrases, not just single words, so users who have difficulties spelling or typing can improve their accuracy and independence.

- Text-to-Speech - hover the mouse over the chosen word - WordBanks speaks it back to you
- Display Menu - group words in alphabetical order or by categories
- Customize WordBanks - choose the size of each word bank, assign categories and select the font and color
- Word List Menu - import lists of words from any source, including the Internet. Edit, delete, and filter words using a number of simple commands. The word list can be saved for later use.

- Windows 7, XP SP3, Vista SP2
- 250MB hard disk space
- CD drive