Claro Oska On-Screen Virtual Keyboard- Software

Manufacturer: Claro Software

Alternative to traditional keyboard and mouse

  • Allows touch input using a virtual on-screen keyboard
  • Pair with gamepad/numeric keypads/touchpad for PC accessibility
  • Control the mouse pointer using a single switch
  • Allows a joystick controller to move the mouse cursor
  • Compatible with Windows 7, XP SP3, Vista SP2
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Claro Oska (On-Screen Keyboard Application) has been developed to enhance the use of touch technology and alternative PC input methods. It offers an alternative to the traditional keyboard and mouse method of operating a computer. The Oska software, paired with the appropriate input hardware, solves accessibility issues associated with conventional techniques and is paving the way for increased use of touch technology.

People who have moved from mouse input to a single switch system now have alternative control methods available to them. Integration of additional, alternative input device techniques such as gamepads, numeric keypads, and touchpads gives more flexibility in controlling and writing on the PC.

PLEASE NOTE: This product is software on a CD only. Any hardware referenced is not included.

- User Interface: The Oska user interface has been upgraded to the new 'ribbon' style control panel for improved usability. The interface is both familiar and easy to use, making it easier than ever to create, edit and publish Oska keyboards.

- Scaling Keyboards: Keyboards can now be easily resized to match the user's needs. By left-clicking on the right corner of the keyboard and dragging to the size required, keyboards can be quickly and easily changed in size.

- Large Image Library: Oska includes hundreds of icons and backgrounds for use when creating Oska keyboards.

- Second Monitor Support: Oska now supports the ability to use a second monitor. Users can use a keyboard on a second monitor for improved usability.

- Improved Oska Editor: Oska Editor has been improved. As well as the ability to resize the Editor window for easier viewing, the styles of the buttons can now be copied to other buttons without copying over the button's content as well.

OSKA KEYBOARD: Oska Keyboard is a virtual on-screen keyboard. It displays a fully customizable virtual keyboard on the PC screen and allows the use of multiple input devices including mouse, joystick, switch/scanning, and head pointer control methods to use the keyboard. Oska is fully compatible with touch technology allowing touch screen compatible PCs to control the on-screen keyboard.

Oska Keyboard works as a standard computer keyboard. Select a key and Oska will send the input to the currently active application on the PC. Oska offers total keyboard control of all the applications including word processors, email, web pages, and any other text-based applications. Oska Keyboard supports all the standard characteristics of a standard keyboard (for instance, repeated keystrokes when a key is held down).

Oska allows the user to do everything they would do with a standard keyboard, offering more opportunities to work, learn, play and interact with others on their PC. Oska offers users full access to any software package, giving them independence to get on with day-to-day computer tasks.

OSKA EDITOR: Oska Editor has been designed with ease of use in mind, allowing keyboards to be effortlessly adapted to specific requirements. All the keyboards in Oska are fully customizable, allowing the keyboard to be edited to suit the requirements of each user and task. Oska Editor comes with all versions of Oska and has been designed to allow the creation of multi-input keyboards and controllers for use on the PC system. Keyboards created with Oska work with touch screen devices, touchpads, mice, keyboards, joysticks, and switch devices.

OSKA SETTINGS EDITOR: After a keyboard is created, the input methods can be defined and customized. In addition, certain keys can be further defined by the user, giving further capability.

ONE SWITCHMOUSE: One SwitchMouse enables a user to control the mouse pointer using a single switch. This technique is particularly suited to users who have good fine motor control and cognitive ability. With practice, this technique can be used to control a mouse at high speeds.

One SwitchMouse requires the use of only one switch or button to give the user complete control of the mouse. One SwitchMouse also allows the application to be set up in a way that suits the user's requirements. As well as controlling the speed and acceleration of the mouse movement, the input device switch that is used to control the mouse movement can be altered.

The switch used to control One SwitchMouse can be either the space bar (or a switch controller box that emulates the space bar), the middle mouse button, or joystick/gamepad button 1 or 2. Integration of additional, alternative input device techniques such as gamepads, numeric keypads, and touchpads gives more flexibility in controlling and writing on the PC.

SCROLL WHEEL SCANNING: Scroll Wheel Scanning offers a scanning solution using a standard computer mouse. By utilizing the scroll wheel found on most standard computer mice, a switch/scanning system can be easily and precisely controlled. Scroll Wheel Scanning can be used to set up a quick and precise switch/scanning solution without having a switch system setup.

JOYSTICK MOUSE: Joystick Mouse enables any joystick or gamepad controller to be operated like a standard computer mouse. Joystick Mouse works by allowing the joystick controller to move the mouse cursor and the joystick buttons to operate as mouse buttons. Joystick Mouse is a great PC control alternative for users who have difficulty operating a standard computer mouse.

TENKEY MOUSE: TenKey Mouse is a means of moving the mouse pointer quickly and precisely. TenKey Mouse allows users to use the numeric keypad at the right of a computer keyboard to operate the mouse (any USB device with a numeric keypad on it can also be used). TenKey Mouse can be a useful mouse alternative for people with limited mobility or Work-Related Upper Limb Disorder.

3D MOUSE: 3D Mouse supports new 3D Mouse hardware and enables the hardware to be used to control the mouse. 3D Mouse allows greater productivity and creative output.

The 3D mouse hardware is a new type of mouse controller from 3D Connexion. The mice are developed for use with 3D applications such as Google Earth. The 3D Mouse application allowed these mice to be used as standard computer mice. 3D Mouse will be of interest to users who want to use this new type of hardware as a standard mouse controller, allowing for greater control and precision. For further information on 3D mouse controllers please visit the 3dconnexion Website

HEAD POINTER AND MOUTH STICK KEYBOARD: The Head Pointer and Mouth Stick Keyboard is an on-screen keyboard designed to aid operation when using Oska with a head pointing or mouth stick mechanism. Head Pointer and Mouth Stick Keyboard has been designed to assist head pointer and mouth stick users to access their PC with a greater degree of control and efficiency.

- Windows 7, XP SP3, Vista SP2
- 250MB ha